Culture Logic

Linda has been working in the field of education and human development for the past 18 years. She has facilitated management and executive leadership teams, specializing in experiential education, change management and leadership development for the past 14 years.

Applying her previous work in the fields of theology and education, she has seen how individual change is the catalyst of all change, and the idea that leaders best grow their organization by growing their people is at the core of her philosophy as a consultant.

She believes that the things that sustain change are not bold strokes but ‘long marches–the independent, discretionary, and ongoing efforts of people throughout the organization, as Rosabeth Kanter, former editor of the Harvard Business Review has put it. That, simply put, real change requires people to adjust their behavior.

She has seen this philosophy prove itself again and again in her work with clients such as the Sudbury Regional Hospitals in Canada, Simmons Mattress Company USA, Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris International, Kraft Foods, Cadbury, Merrill Lynch, PepsiAmericas, PepsiCo, General Mills, Playtex and Citibank, to name a few. The most credible test of her skills as a consultant and facilitator is in the fact of her continually being asked to come back by clients she has served. Repeatedly her clients have described Linda as a person of high intelligence and insight, who has strong anticipatory skills and agility in the classroom, and is never satisfied with anything but exceptional outcomes for her clients.

Her diverse past work experience includes 5 years of work in the Women’s Studies department at Harvard University and assisting in setting up and running one of the first HIV/AIDS outreach and educational programs in the West Indies.

She spent several years working with Larry and Hersch Wilson (authors of Play to Win), and their clients as Curriculum Developer, Program and Project Designer, Consultant, Lead Facilitator and Coach to Sr. Leaders and leadership teams. In addition to work with clients such as Harvard Business School’s Executive Education Program and Training Resources for the Environmental Community (TREC), Linda has spent the past six years serving Kraft Foods as the key architect and senior facilitator for the high-potential leadership development programs in their Sales division.

Linda holds a M.A. in Theology and Education from Harvard University and a B.A. in philosophy from Albion College in Michigan.

A proven innovator in the field of experientially based learning, Joseph Wilson has over 20 years of experience in change management and has designed, developed and delivered new technologies and simulations to help facilitate and accelerate the learning process.

As a consultant and facilitator, Joseph has worked closely with the leadership teams of numerous Fortune 100 companies and their Leadership Teams, helping them to create and communicate business & cultural strategies that are in support of one another. Some of the companies he has worked with include Apple Computer, Citibank, General Electric, Simmons Mattress Co., Philip Morris International, Philip Morris USA, Merrill Lynch, Playtex, Compaq Computer, Altria and Microsoft.

Joseph has consistently provided powerful, breakthrough realizations via his understanding and practice of experientially based learning techniques. He believes that once a team of people has had the experience of working and learning together optimally, they can internalize the benefits of creating a learning organization.

“Our job as facilitators is to coach people in overcoming the common organizational learning disabilities that prevent them from working and learning together optimally. A learning organization starts with individuals who have taken a critical look at their own thinking process. We provide tools to help individuals examine their own thinking process and the experience of managing a large scale cultural change effort.”