We listen without judgement. We are invested in your success and will support you, guide you and cheer you on through action plans which are realistic and immediately applicable.

We listen without judgement. We are invested in your success and will support you, guide you and cheer you on through action plans which are realistic and immediately applicable.


The ability to lead people effectively — people-leadership skills — is roughly three to four times more important to a leader’s career success than are other skills and knowledge. There is no better or faster way to build and enhance leadership skills than personalized, one-on-one coaching. MANDO offers a wide range of coaching engagements to meet both organizational and individual leadership needs. Our experienced coaches provide insight and guidance to help emerging and senior leaders target specific development opportunities, create customized action plans, reach new leadership capabilities and drive organizational success.

ACCELERATING LEADERSHIP CAPABILITIES ENGAGEMENT is designed for senior leaders who are preparing for a transition, increasing their scope and span of responsibility or focusing on enhancing their leadership capabilities. A blend of assessment tools and interviews with key stakeholders, staff members and colleagues provide rich data from which to build a detailed personal action plan which encompasses both the individual’s personal goals combined with the specific needs of the business. As progress begins, ongoing sessions with the coach combined with the individual’s own personal commitment to action, enables rapid results, development and growth. Typically 60 hours of coaching.

BUILDING LEADERSHIP CAPABILITIES ENGAGEMENT is designed to surface and strengthen capabilities key to achieving professional success in preparation for assuming roles of greater responsibility. Through a structured assessment process, individuals will gain a greater understanding of their drivers, strengths and potential road blocks, and will work to execute an immediately applicable action plan tailored to their current role and business needs. Through ongoing one-on-one interaction with the coach and personal accountability for action, individuals will accelerate results, development and growth. Typically 40 hours of coaching.

TRANSITION ENGAGEMENT is for individuals undergoing a significant shift in span, scope and responsibility. Focused on expediting integration into the new leadership role within the first 90-120 days, this coaching engagement supports the leader in identifying and building relationships with key stakeholders, uncovering initial challenges, and understanding and assessing the team. Coaching includes a targeted action plan for addressing these areas.

FOCUSED COACHING ENGAGEMENT applies to individuals with a specific development need in mind. The coaching engagement is then customized to assess and focus strictly on the desired need and outcomes, leveraging an interview process to gather detailed feedback. Typically 30-40 hours in length, the discovery and action planning processes are expedited, with the majority of coaching hours spent in one-on-one interaction with the coach.

ASSESSMENT ADMINISTRATION, INTERPRETATION & DEBRIEF is for those times when ensuring that a participant thoroughly understands their assessment results is all the support you need. Typically 2-4 hours in length, this brief engagement focuses strictly on the interpretation and presentation of the assessment of your choosing. To see a complete list of our certifications, click here